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Are you have water problems in your yard? Is there standing water in your yard? Is water pooling in your yard or in your crawl space? Is water draining toward your foundation?


Improper drainage is one of the most frustrating problems a homeowner deal with. If your yard is not draining properly you probably have property that is unusable.


Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitos. We all know North Carolina is known for its mosquitos!


Improper drainage will cause a soggy swampy wet yard.


Improper drainage or poor elevation at the foundation of a house will cause standing water which can cause damage to your home foundation and crawl space.


Gaddy’s Grading can fix your yard drainage problems. Does your yard, crawlspace, or foundation stay wet? If you are looking to prevent water pooling, water flowing or water standing near your foundation, in your crawl space or in your yard Gaddy’s Grading is the one to call. 


Gaddy’s Grading has 25+ years experience in the field and has your best interest at heart.

You can feel confident that you won’t have water worries in the future.


Gaddy’s Grading offers sensible solutions to divert water and keep it from pooling/standing, or flowing toward your house and in your yard. 


Grading is sometimes all a customer needs to fix improper drainage in their yard. By creating the proper slope water can be directed away from your house and yard. Most yards have improper pitch or slope that prevents proper water run-off.


Yard drainage problems often call for a drainage system to be installed. We use PVC pipe to install main drains and Gaddy’s Grading installs catch basins and pop up drains whenever necessary to direct water in the proper direction.


Downspouts could also be a drainage problem in your yard or around your house. Most homes have gutter downspouts that empty right beside the house at the foundation. We install main drains and connect these gutter downspouts to it to direct water away from the house so that is doesn’t cause standing water around the house or foundation.


Gaddy’s Grading will customize a drainage solution to fit your specific needs to prevent water problems in your yard. Call for a free estimate today!

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