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"Chris did a wonderful job on his work. He graded our whole back yard to fix our drainage issues as well get our back yard ready for sod. I trusted him with what he recommend on how to grade the back yard and WOW did it pay off. About 2 hours after he left it poured and he really knows what he is doing. No more drainage issues! The water went exactly where he said it was going to go. I would recommend him to anyone that needs grading work done with no questions asked. The cost of the job was also very good. I could not complain with the cost at all."


Mr. Gaddy regrading a large portion of our backyard to channel water from one side of the lot to the other more effectively. We did this to correct problems we were having with some places in the yard that were constantly saturated, and also to eliminate erosion that was taking place around the edges of a sports court that was partially above grade.  After re-contouing the lot, he seeded and strawed the entire area.  The grass is coming in nicely.  What I liked most about working with Mr. Gaddy was his accessibility.  I was able to text him questions, comments, and photos at any time, and he would always respond promptly.  I never felt like I was bothering him or catching him at a bad time.  His quoted price seemed very good, so I didn't bother wasting time to get other bids.  He stuck to his quote and was flexible along the way regarding small modifications and additions that came up.  Anything we added on was appropriately priced.  One thing I really liked was that I knew Mr. Gaddy would actually be on site with his small crew doing the work.  That way, I was confident that nothing would be lost in translation between our discussions and the final implementation.  I would highly recommend Mr. Gaddy for this kind of work.


Mr Gaddy went over several different options for drainage to my very complex scope of work. He communicated very thoroughly, giving me a clear idea of the grading, using spray paint and flags to identify the exact areas to be worked on. He gave me the phone numbers for calling the utilities to identify areas of underground wires and or pipes, as well as the dumpster companies that would deliver the giant dumpster and haul it away with the tons of excavated dirt. Removed wooden fencing carefully to bring in his equipment. The grading was very exact, with Mr. Gaddy measuring within inches the downward slope of each area that was being prepared for the sidewalk and patio pavers. He was extremely professional and always punctual.

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